Chapel Perilous

The Fall of Man with Bear Quattlebaum

November 21, 2021

Welcome back to the Chapel sweet, sweet Popes! The Shaman hosts of Chapel Perilous have been fighting retarded time demons in the Nethervoid so we weren’t able to release fresh episodes of your favorite podcast. UNTIL NOW!!! From the void we bring you another great podcast with friend of the show Denver comedy legend Bear Quattlebaum! We talked about how great the depression really was, chinese pubic hair, and the Pepsi/Coke challenge. Its a fun one. (the official soft drink of chapel perilous podcast is dr. pepper because they have the correct number of flavors.)

click here for the video

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Bear Quattlebaum is @that1pothead on insta

@alanbromwell @coreyjcooley @osheebaugus

When the Saints Go Marching In-Louis Armstrong

Fall of Man(live)-Holy Sons

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