Chapel Perilous

Superluminal Pharmaceuticals with Jacob Jonas

June 5, 2021

Our guest this week, Jacob Jonas, is only a few years younger than us but boy does he make us look old. We discuss his childhood ADD medications and then we make a reference to Brendan Fraser in The Mummy that he's too young to get and we nearly get into a fist fight. We also discuss edibles, time warps, and how to do a proper Mitch Hedberg impression. Don't worry, we cut off the dialogue long before we start ranting about the prison industrial complex. We simply end with a reading from Numbers 23:23: "For there is no magic curse against Jacob, nor is there any divination against Israel."

click here for the (uncut) video

@jacob_jonas_comedy and here's his YouTube channel.

@alanbromwell @coreyjcooley

Adderall Admiral by Danny Brown

A.D.H.D. by Kendrick Lamar

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