Chapel Perilous

Ride on the Magick School Bus with 2 C’s in a Pod

January 30, 2021

Remember that episode of Magic School Bus where the bus starts self-identifying as a red blood cell? This week we're joined by fellow podcasters Christine Tomlinson and Christina Kleeman, who stopped by to discuss quadriplegics, kegel exercises, and Judge Judy's thick heinie. At one point we get into a pissing match over whether it's women or men who are better at pissing. To hear all of our real 23andMe results, check out their podcast, available on a Sony Walkman somewhere in the desert.

click here for the video (we appear in s02e03)

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Ancestors (Pritchard Rmx.) by Gonjasufi

Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett

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