Chapel Perilous

Oshee Has Cancer

February 21, 2022

Finally. We're Back. The crew was sucked into a sloppy ass time hole while touring the very secretive Area 23. Held captive by aliens for over a month, your beloved hosts were beaten and waterboarded but with like, some kind of goo instead of water. Popes Alan and Oshee were sexually assaulted many times while imprisoned by these terrible long dicked monsters. But luckily Senator Ted Cruz (who, himself, is secretly a Time Lord) fought gallantly as usual to rescue Da Boys thus saving the greatest podcast of all time. Thank you Ted Cruz Time Lord!!! Anyway the alien jizz gave Oshee brain cancer or something, I'm sure he'll be fine. There's a gofundme on his Instagram if you wanna help him purchase a Rascal scooter. Thanks for listening!!

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Black Moon Rising by Black Pumas

Helter Skelter by Charles Manson

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